Minimalist. Entrepreneur.
For me, minimalism isn't about stark walls (I love my snazzy decor, in fact). It's about having time for the things I value most. I prioritize the things I care about and let everything else fall away. 

My mission is to help set moms free from the clutter that's keeping them from their ideal life. I have felt the change in myself -- and mentally I've been set free.

Minimalism has helped my MIND more than anything else. When you clean out your basement or garage you expose all the dark corners of yourself that have been hiding away for years. The feeling after you get rid of all that junk is amazing! 

Minimalism was the catalyst to let go of all this emotional baggage and I know it will do the same for you. Through becoming minimalist, I really stepped back and asked "who do I want to be?" what are my goals? Doing this has led me to embrace the dream of being an entrepreneur. I get to coach others through the process of changing their lives and becoming their best self. I have completely revolutionized the way I think and that has been so empowering! It's opened me up to a life where I can truly say I'm fulfilled. At times in my life I never thought that kind of peace would be achievable. Because of minimalism, I found the career of my dreams! I get to spend so much more time loving on my kids! I can honestly say I feel unconditional love for my family and for myself. I've created peaceful spaces in my home. I took time to imagine my dream life -- and then I created it. Now I'm living it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And I have minimalism to thank for it. 

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